Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reflections After Day 1

I think we all have different struggles in our marriage. As believers we are at different stages in our walk and we may have different convictions. My husband and I don't share some of the same convictions, so this can be a trigger for me. Yesterday, as I was getting dinner finished, I looked over to see the TV had something I didn't feel was appropriate. I could feel myself begin to get frustrated....but then I remembered our challenge for the day! (I am not saying you can not voice your opinion to your husband, but we must do it in a godly manner.) It is not our job to be the Holy Spirit, that is God's work. As I remembered this I refocused my thoughts. I stopped and prayed for the situation, and left it at that.
Thank You Jesus! I made it through :)

PS. We had a great evening together as a family, and last night before bed Wayne said to me, "You treat me so well, you are so good to me". I was so grateful to hear him say this. Our marriage is so different than it use to be. God is restoring it! I can honestly say through God, and ONLY through God can we begin to look differently at what our marriages should be. God's ways are perfect....if we do it the way the BIBLE says it, our marriages can be restored.


LadyEmm said...

Hello, just commenting about your reflection piece on having different convictions due to the stages we are in, in our walk with Christ...I have a friend who does not feel convicted not to be involved with pornography...I am concerned with how this affects his ministry and how he views women (including me)...truly patience is what it will take for me to continue to love him and support him as Christ works through him.
Thank you for sharing this encouraging reflection.